A wild horse in the sun

Ride A Wild Horse Ride a wild horse with purple wings Striped yellow and black except his head which must be red. Ride a wild horse against the sky – hold tight to his wings before you die whatever else you leave undone once ride a wild horse into the sun. Hannah Kahn (1911-1988) I…

The Booksellers of Bangalore – 2

Back again with more haunts for those of you who get high on the scent of books: 1. Goobe’s Book Republic: A short walk down from K.C. Das Sweets on Church Street, you can spot an intriguing sign on the pavement: Haha. Cracks me up everytime. Goobe’s is cool: a funky little store in the basement, with quotes on…

To poetry and all things sublime

Our poetry is the last dreamy song sung in haste by a head on the rails listening to the rumble of the approaching train before the steel crushes its thought. – Farewell, by K. Satchidanandan

The Booksellers of Brigade Road

Bangalore is no Dilli when it comes to old books. You don’t find hawkers selling yellowed paperbacks outside every gully and metro station. (Which is hardly a big deal, considering techno-wallon ka sheher has exactly six stations at the moment. :P) You’d be hard put to find something like the Daryaganj Sunday Book market here….

BLF-2013: A balmy afternoon and some book-time

Why do people visit lit fests? That was the question in my head as I stepped into the spacious lawns at Crowne Plaza, where the Bangalore Literature Festival 2013 was on in full swing. I walked into Mysore Park (Stage 1) in time to hear the moderator accusing William Dalrymple of being elitist. (Wonder how that…