Life’s questions and the internet

The most powerful thing about the internet is the connections we make through it.

The other day, troubled by an old grudge (seriously, it just never goes!), I randomly typed a few words in a search box. Google is a good place to look for life’s answers. Well, not really. The more accurate thing to say is it’s a good place to find others looking for the same answers.

And this is what I found out:

I am not alone in my pain.

There are thousands of people who have felt what I feel and are trying to forgive themselves and the people around them.

Sharing helps, even with a stranger. Maybe more, because strangers cannot judge you.

Everybody struggles with forgiveness and acceptance. It’s human nature.

Life is hard, and a lot of people have it harder than me. Some wise soul said that if you could see everybody’s pain, you would grab your pile and hold on to it.

There are lots of fools like me, feeding their worries into search boxes around the world, and expecting an answer!

And sometimes, for no explicable reason, it helps.


5 Replies to “Life’s questions and the internet”

  1. lol! Even when I am grappling with seemingly unsolvable problems, I often turn to google. And more often than not, someone’s body’s already beaten me to it. Plus there a plethora of web samaritans offering advice and opinions. It makes you feel feel reassuringly united in your misery. And the perpetual ‘Why me O Lord’ quandary too beats a hasty exit…

  2. On a slightly lighter note, are you aware that if you google “the answer to life the universe and everything” you get 42? 42 is the answer that a ginormous computer comes up with to this very question in ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.’ And for a time the value of the Hubble Constant was estimated to be 42; so people felt that Douglas Adams had been strangely prescient in choosing this particular number.

    It is quite possible that all this is ancient news to you; if so, I apologise.

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