When The Night Calls

    The night was still. The only sounds puncturing the silence were the hiss of raindrops on raked leaves, the crunch of footsteps braving the dark. Without warning the wind whooshed by my ears. The dull powdery rain threw off its cloak of timidity. The bushes were bathed in cloudburst, champak flowers strewn in blissful abandon. A moment, and interlude, unseen by eyes doused in sleep. In the deafening silence, when the wind plays in the trees and the rain falls like bells tinkling on the window pane, a voice whispers in the dark… A voice you had forgotten to heed…


5 Replies to “When The Night Calls”

  1. whisper loudens ,its nomore a whisper now, its a voice yelling out..
    indeed its a voice that you had forgotten to heed…
    its your mom yelling you out to clean the dining table….. 🙂
    true story,,,, happened to me …… 😦

    1. hahaha.. 🙂 athu punch..!! ende plus one tym lu aaro veettil ninnum mari nikkumbho veshamam ille ennu chodhichappo njan paranjarunnu “I lyk it ..now I’m as free as a bird” nnu.. kashtakalathinu avide oru thala therichavan nilppundarunnu.. avan krithyamayi return cheythu yeah as free as crow.. I was totally bowled out!! I was lyk enna parayana kaiyinnu poyi..:)

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