After the Storm

The wind rattled through the windows
Strewing papers everywhere
The skies were ablaze in white fire
The heavens raged and flared.
The torrent that followed, the fury, the wrath,
The night was not one to forget.

But now, there’s only calm
Eerie silence to the night’s uproar
The earth in mourning, like a people forgotten;
Like someone had touched her, and gone.

The air still sweet from the scent of fresh earth
Raindrops drizzling in defiance,
The ground feels damp, baby puddles abound
The leaves are dressed in a deeper green.
Even the bird song sounds different
More mellowed, serene…

A chilly breeze blows, the sun is
On sabbatical, but the skies are fair
I can see wispy white clouds
In pools of water clear
I can sense a new day dawning;
The storm is behind us.


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